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Universal Sieger Show
SV Judge & Körmeister Richard Brauch -Universal Sieger Show and Breed Survey

Herr Brauch is from Mosbach, Germany where he is a Business Lawyer and Tax Consultant.

He joined the SV in 1966 and became an SV judge in 1996 and a Körmeister shortly thereafter. 

Herr Brauch has bred under the SV registered kennel name of vom Elzmündungsraum since 1971 and has produced approximately 120 litters since then.

He has judged in more than 40 different countries all over the world including Sieger shows in:  Germany, Argentinia, Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Estonia, France, Hungaria, Italy, Latvia, Philipines, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, United States and Ukraine.

Highest rated dogs from his kennel since 2000:

  • Xantia (SG3 2000, VA2 2002)
  • Gigolo (Bronze medal winner and VA Australia)
  • Ken (Young dog Sieger 2004, V2 2005)
  • Digger (V23 2007, V11 2008, V8 2009, VA4 Spain, VA1 Swiss Siegerschau 2009)
  • Daphne (V8 2008)
  • Gower (VA3 Swiss Siegershow 2012, VA2 Siegerschau United States 2014)
  • Fax (V38 Siegerschau 2012, VA3 & VA6 United States 2013 and 2014)

IPO National Championship
SV Judge Raino Fluegge - Obedience and Protection
I have been an SV member since 1976, 9 years experience as German LG Teaching Helper, 8 years member of the LG1 Board, since 1993 SV working Judge German Shepherd Schutzhund Club of Canada member since 2001, GSSCC Teaching Helper, GSSCC working Judge, GSSCC Team Captain, GSSCC President 2005-2009, GSSCC Head Judge 2004-2009, Member of the GSSCC Judges and Helper committee.  President of the Prince Edward Island Schutzhund Club.  Regional Chairperson since 2015, Helper since 1974 with over 65,000 protections done.

SV/GSSCC Judge on many different Regional and National Championships.  Judge for two Universal World Championships.  Judging and seminar assignments in over 25 different countries.

I have trained and titled 25 different GSD's in more than 230 trials!  From this 25 dogs, 4 dogs competed at World Championships.  I handled at many Regionals as well National and 7 times at World Championships.  Since living in Canada I handled at 8 Nationals with 4 different dogs.

Breeder under the kennel name "vom Kiebitzende"

Many of our dogs competed on the National and also World level.  We managed to have 4 times the GSSCC Universal Sieger title and 4 times the "Best Canadian Bred IPO3 Dog"

5 dogs from our breedings managed to represent Canada at the World Championships.

Our best breeding results are - Kofi vom Kiebitzende 4x competitor at the Nationals and 3x competitor at the WUSV World Championship. 2x Competitor at the WUSV Universal Worlds.  Kofi was 2x Canadian Universal Sieger.

In 2014 we started competing with Wencke vom Kiebitzende.  So far she competed 2 times at the Nationals, once at the Universal Worlds and once at the WUSV Championships.  She is also qualified for her second Universal Worlds in Germany 2016.

Mike Karlov - Tracking
I have been in the sport of Schutzhund/IPO for 17 years and have trained 3 GSD's to SchH3/IPO3, FH.  One German Shepherd I bred and trained is currently the 'Deputy Cadaver' dog for the Sangamon County Police, Illinois.

I have been a helper for 11 years and am currently the Training Director and main helper for my GSDCA club, BurOak Hundesport.  I am also a GSDCA IPO Performance Judge and sit on the GSDCA SV Programs Helper Committee.

I have been a tracklayer for Club, Regional, National and FH Championships, I was also selected to lay tracks at the past 2013 WUSV World Championships.

I thank the GSDCA for asking me to be the Tracking Judge for this, GSDCA National IPO/FH Championships. I wish all the competitors the best of luck.
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