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Biographies - Helpers
Meko Calderin - Virginia Beach Schutzhund Club
I have been a member of Virginia Beach Schutzhund Club for 6 years.  During that time frame, I was privileged to learn under the tutelage of Fred Samseer and Carla Van Duijvenbode.  Both Carla and Fred introduced to me my passion and still continue to coach me today.  After moving to the Washington D.C. area, I have had the opportunity to surround myself with many great mentors and talented trainers and helpers; including Ron Marshall, Mark Torrance, Mark Pellon, and Rod Davis.  I would like to extend a huge thank you to my coach and friend Steve House for pushing me and taking my potential to the next level.  He truly has the passion and determination to better the sport.  A few other mentors who have guided me along the way, and have taken the time to help me include, Phil Hoesler, Carl Smith, Wallace Payne, Mike Karlov and my good friends Rory Kennedy and Leesa Foster.

My trial experience includes 12 club trials and 4 championships.
2014 NAWBA National Championship (Back Half)
2015 NAWBA National Championship (Back Half)
2016 United States Rottweiler National Championship (Back Half)
2016 DVG NKG Championship (Front Half)

Rod Davis - Central Virginia Schutzhund Club
Rod Davis is an established K9 trainer/National Decoy with over 15 years experience in working dog sports.  He is also a USA National Certified Decoy, DVG certified decoy (Commonwealth Working Dog Club) and the training director for Central Virginia Sch. Club.  By trade he's an IT Computer Engineer. As a certified decoy Rod has worked numerous trials and specialty breed working events.  Throughout his training career he's been very influential in the training and titling of several dogs such as Bouvier, Malinois, GSD, Doberman, Rottweiler, and APBT, some to national titles.  Rod is very grateful to all who have supported him and is looking forward to a great national event.

Rory Kennedy - Wesconn Schaeferhund Verein

I am honored to be selected as a helper for the 2017 GSDCA National IPO-FH Championship.  Having grown up in a family deeply entrenched in the training and breeding of the German Shepherd Dog. I have been involved in helper work since the age of 9. I am currently the President and Training Director of Wesconn Schaeferhund Verein.  Among many club and regional level trials and breed surveys, I have also been chosen to work numerous national level events, which are as follows:

  • Front Half NASS 2013
  • Front Half GSDCA-WDA National IPO Championship 2014
  • Front/Back Half NASS 2014
  • Front Half Helper GSDCA National IPO Championship 2016
  • Front (Males)/Back (Females) Half Helper GSDCA National Sieger Show 2016

I would like to thank T. Floyd and Dean Calderon for their early influence, as well as my grandfather John Mathias Henkel.  I would like to especially thank my uncle John Henkel, for his wealth of knowledge and continued coaching.  I also send special appreciation to Steve House, Phil Hoelcher, Carl Smith, and Helmut Huber for their guidance.  I thank the board members for their consideration of me for this event, and I wish all the competitors the best of luck!"

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