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Rules and Regulations

Breed Survey Rules & Regulations

Documents required for entry

  • Proof of the AD awarded by an SV, SVF or WUSV Judge.  Dogs six years of age or older are exempt from the AD requirement
  • Proof of at least one IPO or SchH title awarded by an SV, SVF or WUSV Performande Judge.  A minimum of 80 points in phase C is required
  • Dogs with proof of the HGH title awarded by SV, SVF or WUSV Judge, the AD, BH and IPO or SchH requirement does not apply
  • Proof of OFA, SV "HD" or other SV approved hip certification
  • Proof of SV "ED" or other SV approved elbow certification
  • Proof of a minimum Breed Show evaluation of "Good" awarded by an SV or SVF Judge

Click here for the complete list of requirements.

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