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Biographies - Tracker Layers
Jeff Lund - Tracking Coordinator

Dejan Vrban - Track Layer
I have been training and competing with dogs in IPO for the last 11 years and have been breeding German Shepherds since 2009 under the kennel name vom Vrban Haus.  I have bred and trained dogs for multiple police departments and last year I had the opportunity to lay tracks for the GSDCA 2016 IPO National Championship and look forward to doing it again this year.  I wish all the competitors the best of luck!

Sunny Farrell - Track Layer
My name is Sunny Farrell and I live in central Ohio.  I have been training dogs for 20 years but only got into IPO within the last 4 years.  My last two shepherds were therapy dogs that would go to schools and to the Ohio State Ross Heart hospital.  With my son off to college I had time to dedicate to IPO.  The three phases of IPO are a total commitment.  It took a while to find someone to train with but once we did, it only took us two years to finish Ari.  In that short two year time period Ari went from BH to IPO3 to FH1.  Tracking is our favorite thing to do each day.  Ari, though he is a handful, has 11 titles that I have put on him myself.  he has given me confidence to continue training and learning.
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