2022 Mid-East Regional Working Dog Championship Select a Trophy to Sponsor
Listed below are the Trophies that are available to be sponsored.  If a trophy is still available, click on the "Available" button next to the trophy you wish to sponsor and complete the form.  You can control how many items are displayed by clicking the Show Rows button at the top left.  You can also apply filters by selecting an item from the drop-down list at the bottom of each column.  You can also type in a term in the Search button at the top right.
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Award Placement Donation Amt Sponsored By Trophy ID
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Award Placement Donation Amt Sponsored By Trophy ID
Pending Regional Champion 1st Place 150 John Kennedy and Family 1
Pending IGP3 2nd Place 2nd Place 150 Carina Sweeney - vom tapferen Krieger 2
Pending IGP3 3rd Place 3rd Place 150 Mark and Gina Thesing 3
Pending IGP3 4th Place 4th Place 150 Locherie Shepherds 4
Pending IGP3 5th Place 5th Place 150 IGP 3 5th Place 5
Pending High Tracking IGP3 150 OG Patriot 6
Pending High Obedience IGP3 150 Controlled Chaos Dog Sports 7
Pending High Protection IGP3 150 Michael Schartner-Germantown K9 8
Pending High Scoring Breed Survey 150 South Michigan Schutzhund and Police Club 9
Pending Helper's Favorite 150 Mid Ohio Schutzhund 10
High Auslander 150 11
Pending High HOT 150 Jewel’s Ultimate K-Nine 12
Pending High Scoring Club 150 Carolyn Daniel 13
Pending High Scoring Female 150 In memory of Brigitte vom Haus Tyson 14
Pending High Scoring Double X 150 High Scoring Double X 15
IGP1 Champion 1st Place 150 16
IGP2 Champion 1st Place 150 17