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2021 USCA Sieger Show
Entry Deadline August 31 2021
Entry Form Instructions


PLEASE NOTE: The Dog's Owner MUST be a member of a WUSV recognized GSD club!

To experience the greatest success using this online entry form, we suggest the following:
  • If possible use a Chrome browser for the best experience. If at all possible DO NOT use Internet Explorer as it MAY not work.
  • If uploading pictures of your documents taken with your phone, please do the following. Be sure that they are clear and all information can be read. If your phone has the option to compress or make them smaller, please choose that option. Standard photos on new phones are very large because of their high resolution and may cause time outs while trying to upload them.

Didn't have all of the documents you needed to upload when you entered your dog?  Have more documents to upload?  Then click the link below to go to a new screen where you can verify what you have already uploaded and upload any additional documents at any time while entries are open.

Didn't pay for your entry with a credit card or PayPal when you entered, but would like to now?  Select the name of your dog from the list below and you will be taken to the payment screen.

Select Dog *

The 2021 USCA Sieger Show will be including pictures of dogs entered in their online competitors listing. If you would like to have your dog's picture included online, click on the link below and upload the picture that you would like displayed. Stacked pictures are preferred but are not required.

  • You MUST Complete all 3 steps
    • Step 1 - Complete the entry form & click "Continue to Step 2"
    • Step 2 - Submit either .pdf copies or pictures of the required documents for the entered class & click "Click Here to Finish Your Entry"
    • Step 3 - Pay for your entry with one of the offered methods, check, credit card or PayPal
  • To complete the entry form:
  • Select the correct class for your dog.
  • Based upon the class selected, only the fields that need to be completed will be displayed.
  • The "Registered Name of Dog" field is a list pre-populated with dog names.  As you type in a dog's name the list will display matches.  If the dog you are entering is in the list click on the appropriate dog's name, if your dog's name is not in the list, then type in the dog's name.  Press tab to update fields with dog information.
  • For dogs that are in the list, when their name is selected any fields of information that are available will be completed.  All of these completed fields can be edited.
  • For dogs, sires or dams that have more than one working title, keep selecting the earned titles from the appropriate list.  If a dog has an IPO3 and FH1 title, click IPO3 from the list and the title will be displayed in the box to the left of the list.  Then click FH1 from the list and both titles will be displayed in the box to the left of the list
  • In the Owner, Co-owner and Breeder sections, if you type in the zip code, for a city in the United States or Canada and hit either the Enter or Tab key, the city, state and country for the entered zip code will be completed automatically
  • If the information for the Breeder is the same as the Owner, check the "Same as Owner" box in the Breeder's section.  If the Breeder is the Co-owner, check the "Same as Co-owner" box in the Breeder's section.  If either of these buttons are checked the Breeder section fields will be automatically filled in
  • Once the Submit button has been clicked all fields will be validated.  If there are missing or incorrect fields, those errors will be displayed and you need to correct them and resubmit the form
  • The form can be printed by clicking the print button.  The preferred option would be from the Print option is to save as a .pdf document if you have that option from your printer.
  • If an email address was entered in the owner email field, an email message will be sent confirming the entry was submitted
  • Once all 3 steps have been successfully completed, you will receive an email with information regarding your entry.
2021 USCA Sieger Show
The Gurnee American Legion Post 771
749 Milwaukee Ave
Gurnee, IL 60031
September 30 - October 3, 2021 On Site Event Secretary -
Judge(s): USCA Judge Heidi Theis - All Stock Coat Males
USCA Judge Karen MacIntyre - All Stock Coat Females
USCA Judge Richard Shook - All LSH Males & Females


  Classes Date of Birth Entry Fee Late Fee

 Working Dog Class 10/01/2019 or before $125 $155

 Young Dog Class (18-24 months) 9/30/2019 - 4/01/2020 $90 $120

 Youth Dog Class (12-18 months) 3/31/2020 - 10/01/2020 $90 $120

 Senior Puppy Class (9-12 months) 9/30/2020 - 1/01/2021 $80 $110

 Junior Puppy Class (6-9 months) 12/31/2020 - 4/01/2021 $80 $110

 Baby Puppy Class (4-6 months) 3/31/2021 - 6/01/2021 $80 $110

 Veteran Dog Class 10/01/2015 or before $80 $110

 Untitled Adult Class (2+ years no titles) 10/01/2019 or before $90 $120

 HGH Working Dog Class 10/01/2019 or before $125 $155

 RH - Rescue Dog 10/01/2019 or before $90 $120

 Kennel Group $100 $130

 Progeny Group Free Free
 Online entries only are being accepted.
 If you have a question, email the Event Secretary.
  Email: scorebook@germanshepherddog.com,usaoffice@germanshepherddog.com