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Sponsors and Donations
Here is a listing of our Sponsors and their donations...
If you would like to make a cash donation to help support this event, please make your check payable to the GSDCA and mail to:
Chris Mandela
7851 Kennard Road
Lodi, OH  44254
A Hugh Thank You goes out to all who have supported this 2017 GSDCA National IPO/FH Championship and Universal Sieger Show.  We could not do it without you!
  • WT-Metall - all field equipment
  • Julius K9 - Helper Suits
  • Globalhaus German Shepherds - Universal Sieger and Siegerin wreaths and flowers for podium
  • Purina - Gift bags for competitors
  • Royal Canin - Competitor Gifts
  • Carmen & Nancy Battaglia
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